The legislation popularly known as the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act did not exactly “rewrite the book” of federal tax laws, but it almost seems that way. On January 1, a host of important, new tax provisions entered the Internal Revenue Code, and others were suddenly repealed.

Due to these reforms, federal tax law has changed to a degree unseen since the 1980s. Here is a link to a guide that reviews the major adjustments to the Internal Revenue Code and more:


  • Key tax changes for households
  • Key tax changes for businesses
  • Tax breaks gone in 2018
  • Social Security & Medicare changes
  • COLAs & Phase-Out Range Adjustments
  • Last, but not least, some other, interesting developments


Just a reminder as you read this guide: you should consult with a qualified tax or financial professional before making short-term or long-term changes to your tax or financial strategy.