My daughter recently got braces. As we spoke to the orthodontist, he revealed the reason he loves what he does. When he got his braces off as a teenager, teeth straightened and in the right place, he felt like a whole new life was opened up to him. He wanted to give that feeling and ability to live a new life to others. You could see the passion inside his story.


My reason for being a financial advisor began back when I was a kid too. I watched my dad take special care of his mother’s small pocket of assets. He made sure CD’s renewed at good rates, her investments produced income, and otherwise shepherded her money so that she could have a comfortable life as long as she needed it. And that’s just how it worked.

I especially watched the way my dad taught himself about the stock market and banking products – how he used his knowledge to make a big difference in his mother’s life. I wanted to do the same for people. If my dad could use these strategies for his mom, I could use them for others.

Most people’s eyes glaze over when you say, “financial” and “strategies” in the same sentence. But when you say “relax in retirement” a whole different impression is created. I’m a financial advisor because just like the orthodontist, I want to give people a whole new lease on life. I want to create the difference between wondering how things will be and knowing you can relax because you are working with someone who is helping find strategies and ways to make the most of what you have.


Braces aren’t relaxing, but I hope your retirement can be. There must be an old Celtic saying something like, “May your teeth be straight and your retirement be full of all the relaxation you want.” Or maybe it’s just time to pass the scotch.

Kristin Rodriguez