Sustainable investing is more popular now than ever.  In 2019 investors put $21.4 billion into sustainable mutual funds.  In just the first half of this year, almost the same amount was invested ($20.9 billion) in sustainable funds1.  The momentum is growing!

When it comes to sustainable living, there are always things we can do.  I have a few tips below that are pretty easy and can even save you money.


  1.  Send old furniture to an organization that can use it.
    • Just this week I passed two houses with great furniture out front for the trash. Some organizations will pick up furniture if you call them. A service called Good Drop picks furniture up for free and delivers to a few organizations.
    • Enjoy a charitable deduction on your taxes and feel good thinking of the new families who will enjoy your items.
  1.  Do an Energy Audit on your home
    • I just did one of these and found out we had so much outside air coming inside we qualified for a big rebate from the energy company to fix the problem.
    • Increase comfort levels in your home for all those times we’ll be watching streaming shows this winter.
  1.  Buy “new” clothes on cool new websites like Depop and Thredup, or go visit your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store.
    • The clothes are not new but are in great shape and you can really liven up your closet.
    • Put together a cool retro look… or not.

Kristin Rodriguez

 1  “Sustainable Investing Can Be Blurry”, Wall St. Journal, page B10 September 8, 2020.