People ask sometimes, what’s the number one thing I should be doing with my finances?  When it’s time to pull out my “Easy” button for finances, it points right to “Save More Money.” Your future self will thank you.

Now there are all sorts of complicated things in your financial life. Taxes, interest rates, how to split the tip 5 ways when you go out to dinner with friends, etc. But preparing for your future takes one simple principal: Spend less than you make and save the difference.

A good rule of thumb is to save 20% of your income. Some of this is in retirement savings, the rest is in regular savings. This is the “Easy Button Lesson” but saving 20% is not actually easy. If 20% isn’t in the cards, start with 5% or 10% and work your way up. Giving yourself financial freedom is worth it.

OK, that’s officially the end of the “Easy Button Lesson.” But it’s quickly followed by the “Get That Money to Work Lesson”. Now that you’re building up a nice little nest egg, don’t just let it sit there, get it up off the couch and doing something! This is the beauty of investing. Invested well in the market, your money will work for you while you’re doing something else. You know I’m going to recommend you work with a financial advisor to do this well. But if you’re so inclined that you want to manage your own investments and you have fun doing it, all the power to you! For the rest of you whose eyes glaze over when the word “finance” is mentioned, call your friendly financial advisor (Symphony Financial) and get that money to work.

Kristin Rodriguez