It’s the time of year when little stands show up on the side of the road with cute kids behind them and a big sign in front “Lemonade, 50 cents.”  One of the pearls of wisdom I’ve come to appreciate is, “Always buy lemonade from the kids.”  If you haven’t done it before, you’ll see what I mean when you do. If you have, you already know. You’re not just buying the lemonade, however sweet or sour it is. You’re getting a huge smile in the bargain and more importantly, showing the kids that with some effort and a good attitude, they can create something good for others and walk away with something good for themselves.

Your 50 cents was invested in a worthy endeavor. I get questions from people sometimes about different investments. One investment I always encourage is one like the investment in these kids or an investment in ourselves. No other investment pays bigger dividends. Sometimes it’s a clear connection – study for a law degree and you can make good money as a lawyer. Sometimes it’s not so clear – learn to play the guitar and enjoy your music, keep the party interesting, become a more well-rounded person. There is something in learning that seems to be good for all of us. Our neurons are activated, we stay younger, and we enjoy life more when we expand our horizons.

As you start this summer I hope you find a lemonade stand or two and that you take advantage of investing in yourself and those around you. The world gets bigger this way and we might all enjoy the music a little more.

Kristin Rodriguez